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de’travelworld, an Inbound, Outbound, Domestic Tour Operator

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de’travelworld is a boutique travel company, bringing a wealth of experience to a sharply focused and in’style travel product.
de’travelworld is an inbound, outbound and domestic tour operator offering:
* MICE and business travel service for corporate
* Flight ticketing
* Worldwide hotel reservation
* Visa application
* Transfer booking
* Tour arrangement
* Other travel services as requested
de’travelworld is also a DMC (Destination Management Company).
Each traveler has unique interests and needs. Some dream of lying motionlessly on a reclining deck chair at a quiet, private, tropical beach in solitude for a whole day. Some merely wish to sip a cup of fine, strong coffee at a stylish fresh-air café in order to watch the world rushing by, grateful for the moment’s stillness. Sometimes a traveler yearns to stand on a high outlook for a personal view of a grand horizon, while others want to visit a remote country town to observe the natural, relaxed pace of life in the fresh air; to feel acutely the divide between traditional and contemporary living, and discover a deeper sense of sympathy and compassion. Some travelers choose to wander the streets buying lottery tickets from street urchins to give them a moment’s respite from their arduous work. This is the in’style travel in the deepest sense.
Corporate Travel Services
Whatever the size of your business or complexity of your travel requirements, de’travelworld Corporate Travel Services provides comprehensive complete, custom travel programs, which delivers the maximum return on your Travel & Entertainment investment including savings on airfare, hotel, car rental and all other travel-related expenses.
We think over what you are going to do…
We provide travel advisories and consulting
We customize your travel and entertainment with the best services for less payment
Services before your trip…
Visa application and passport services
Air/hotel/car/rail/tickets reservations
Flight and travel insurance programs
Services while you are on the ground…
Arrival and departure airport transfers
Fast track service
Meet and greet service
VIP arrival service
M.I.C.E. and leisure travel arrangements
Services after your trip…
Feedback management: Store and report
Traveller profile management
Happy days with de’travelworld for your birthday celebration
Local and global 24h emergency assistance – we are just a single step from you.
Travel alerts – just indulge your whole life and mind into the trip and entertainment as we always be there to double check and remind you for any timetable arrangements.
de’travelworld news – we keep you posted around the world travel news.
Inbound Travel Operation
We provide lots of travel products and operate travel arrangements to suite Inbound Market:
* Daily tour
* City stop over
* Cruise
* Honeymoon holiday
* Long itinerary to visit throughout Vietnam
* Cross-border tour from Vietnam to Cambodia and Laos
* Especially: We operate Small Group Journeys
* Tailor-made itinerary
Outbound Travel Operation
For Outbound Market, we provide:
* Free & easy
* Seat-in-coach outbound
* City stop over
* Family package
* Customization as per requested
DMC (Destination Management Company)
DTW Destination Management is known for the detail and tactile execution of services that encompass a myriad of events. Our professional, hardworking teams are dedicated to create innovative solutions that help achieve the meeting objectives of our clients.
DMC Services including:
Logistics & Activities
* Site inspections & venue selection
* Program design & management
* Creative gifts & amenities
* Hospitality desks
* Custom excursions & tours
* Dine around programs
Transportation Management
* Airport transfers
* Custom signage
Special Events
* Decor & thematic design
* Catering management
* Expert lighting, staging & A/V
* Local & headline entertainment
Immigration Services
* Visa on arrival
* Fast track
* VIP arrival
The One Stop
With de’travelworld, your entire trip is planned with one stop, one site, one payment, and one all-inclusive service. Whether you’re an old hand in Vietnam or if this is your first time, de’travelworld can meet your every requirement and ensure the success of your travel.
With de’travelworld, there’s no need to make separate arrangements with multiple providers in the hope that everything will fit together once you get there. With our One Stop service, your work travel will run smoothly from beginning to end, no matter what the unique requirements of your visit may be. From the moment you step off the plane, you will experience our trademarked first-class care, sparing you from every irritation that could otherwise spoil an important business trip. We anticipate potential nuisances and provide immediate solutions to any problems that may arise.
Why de’travelworld?
Fast Processes de’travelworld is a boutique travel company with dedicated staff, we can bring a product to market or adapt our products based on our customer feedback much more easily and fast.
Feeling of family The feeling of being part of a family when working with de’travelworld is our advantage over larger ones. Meeting customers frequently, communicating closely, developing more than a professional relationship, solving customers’ complaints fast, making long-term relations are all our advantages.
Contact de’travelworld
de’travelworld is Ho Chi Minh City based travel company
Our address: 19th & 4th Floor, Indochina Park Tower, 4 Nguyen Dinh Chieu street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tel: (+84-8) 6288 5018
Fax: (+84-8) 2220 2325
Hotline: (+84-9) 3418 6966 (available 24/7)

de’travelworld, an Inbound, Outbound, Domestic Tour Operator
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